DK Recruitment Agency

At DK Recruitment Agency, we are experts in the Danish and Spanish labour market, and we help companies and engineers find the perfect match.

DK Recruitment Values

Live and work in Denmark

Passion drives us

We like what we do, and we treat each project in a personalised way.
We see each project as a new opportunity to continue growing and, we like challenges

We are honest

We maintain clear and direct communication with our collaborators.
We are transparent and seek joint solutions.

Continuous learning

Curiosity and learning are our most important work tools.
Innovation allows us to implement new solutions to offer a service more adapted to your needs.


Boost your career

If you want to work on cutting-edge engineering projects and enjoy job stability, Denmark is your destination.

At DK Recruitment, we help you find your first job and accompany you during your first year in Denmark so that you feel at home from day one.


Find the perfect candidate

We help you attract Spanish engineers with the most sought-after technical profiles.

Once the candidate becomes part of your team, we will accompany them during their first year in Denmark to help them adjust to the Danish culture.

Our goal is to facilitate their integration into your company so that they can develop their full potential.


Why choose DK Recruitment Agency?


DK Recruitment is a member of the Spanish-Danish Chamber of Commerce.

UNED University and Santander Bank awarded
DK Recruitment first prize for the best entrepreneurship project in 2022


About me

My name is Sonia Marín, and I have worked in international environments for over 24 years. I developed my professional career in Spain, France, and Ireland, and in 2014, I permanently moved to Denmark.
Danish companies do an excellent job onboarding foreign employees into the organization. However, international workers in Denmark find it hard to make Danish friends.

This perception of isolation, if prolonged, affects motivation and mood. I am studying for a Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Coaching Psychology, and in 2023 I decided to launch DK Recruitment to help Spanish engineers find their first job in Denmark. I aim for Danish companies to find their ideal candidate and offer the new emloyees psychological counselling in Spanish to help them integrate into the Danish culture.

My project received first prize for the entrepreneurship project organized by UNED University and Santander Bank. DK Recruitment is a member of the Danish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce.


Contact me.

Ringkobingvej, 5 Aarhus

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